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The area of Carroll County now known as Cisco was originally called "Braswell Springs", named for early settlers Samuel and Phoebe Braswell. It was established about 5 miles east of Berryville and 5 miles west of Green Forest. When the St. Louis & North Arkansas Railroad arrived in 1901, it was referred to as "Braswell Switch". The town became a trade center for lumber and cordwood, and a business man named Isaac S. Norton soon built a store on the north side of the tracks. Then on July 7, 1903, "Ike" Norton opened the Cisco Post Office, and served as the first postmaster for the newly renamed town. He most likely named the post office "Cisco" in honor of the historic Cisco family pioneers of Carroll County (sometimes spelled "Sisco"). A second store was opened on the south side of the tracks by John Duncan, followed by several nearby grist mills, a sawmill, and blacksmith shop. The town would also boast its own educational facility called Crawford's Academy. In 1924, a gentleman from Green Forest named John Hayes would establish the first canning factory in Cisco. It would serve the surrounding communities for some time, changing owners and eventually shutting down due to problems with tomato plant blight and pressure from stricter federal regulations. The Cisco Post Office remained in operation until June 30, 1949 when mail service was transferred to Green Forest.

Other historic families of the Cisco community include the Anderson, Bailey, Bobo, Brammer, Buell, Burris, Cittrell, Crawford, Disheroon, Dooley, Draper, Duncan, Ellis, Enix, Fort, Graham, Hammer, Hammon, Hatton, Hayhurst, Heard, Hyson, Ingram, Jones, Leach, Lovett, McDaniel, Miller, Norton, Oliver, Rolfe, Shipman, Short, Snow, Standlee, Williams, and Wright families. « Click here for sources

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