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The historic town of Connor, Arkansas was named for John Conner, an early settler from the state of Tennessee. It is said that the Postal Service at the federal level misspelled the town's name at its founding. John was of Irish descent and was born on March 15, 1831. He was a confederate soldier, craftsman, and he played the fiddle. His wife, Rebecca Ann Taylor, was an early midwife and herb doctor for Carroll County. Another of the Connor Community's earliest settlers was the family of William Henry Collins. The Connor Post Office was established on June 13, 1904 with John P. Roberts serving as the first postmaster. It remained in operation until mail service was switched over to Green Forest in 1967. Today, a recreation of the Connor Post Office can be seen at the Heritage Center in Berryville, featuring much of the original postal equipment that was donated by Pascal Howerton.

The historic Conner Cemetery is said to have been established unintentionally when a woman named Susan R. Conner died during the Civil War, and there were no men to assist with the bodily transport to an established Carroll County cemetery. She was laid to rest on a hill beside her home, and this location became the Conner Cemetery.

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