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Originally named "Fairview" by J.F. Sisco (and commonly referred to as "Old Fairview" by those who remembered it), Osage was one of the earliest towns established in Carroll County. Today, it is located near the intersection of HWY 68 and HWY 103. It was named for the Osage Indian tribe that once lived in the area. William Sneed was an early settler, first homesteading near Fairview between 1820 and 1830. He was a native of Kentucky, born about 1778. Sneed also built the first store in Fairview, and served as the first storekeeper. Later his store was purchased by Jesse and Lawson Seitz. The first election in the Kings River Township was held in his home, as was the first session of the Carroll County Court in 1833. His son Charles Sneed served as Fairview's first postmaster, and also as the first postmaster of Carrollton. An early educational institution known as the "Fairview Academy" was established by Professor Isaac Hoyl. The Osage Post Office was established on May 15, 1848. The historic Sneed Cemetery is located on HWY 68 between Osage and Alpena. The town once boasted its own general stores, drugstores, several mills, and physicians.

The Osage Masonic Lodge #219 was organized in 1870 with 27 members. It was created by former members of the Berryville "Ashley" Lodge #66 and the Carrollton "Yell" Lodge #64. Later, it closed and most of the members transferred to the active Masonic Lodge in Green Forest. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F) Lodge #510 in Osage was instituted on June 29, 1907. The charter was picked up on August 28, 1939.

Over the years, the Osage Post Office would close and re-open several times, permanently shutting its doors in the mid-1960's. Another familiar site in Osage is that of the historic "Stamps Store". Originally known as the Osage General Store, it was completed in 1898 by Wyatt Hittson after two years of construction. According to local historians, the two-and-a-half story building originally carried everything a resident might need, from the "cradle to the grave". This included a coffin room on the upper level, as well as rooms to rent. Later, the building was used as a lodge for the local chapter of the Odd Fellows. Today it is listed on the National Historic Register. One of the first steam-powered tractors in the county was owned by a farmer in Osage by the name of Mel Presley. The town was also well known throughout the county for the annual Osage Valley Pumpkin Festival.

Other early settlers of Osage included members of the Poynor, Sisco, Stamps, Sugg, Tabor, Walker families, as well as the Fancher Family, relatives of the Fanchers that fell victim to the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857.

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