Choosing Your New Hometown

Perhaps you have been visiting the Arkansas Ozarks for years, and have always wanted to call Carroll County your permanent home. One of the first questions you'll need to ask yourself is "why" do you want to move here. Are you moving to take advantage of the recreational opportunities of the Ozark lakes and woodlands? Are you escaping the noise, crime, and pollution of the "big city" in search of small town charm? Is the low cost of living, or a unique business opportunity attracting you to the area? Have you always wanted to own and operate your own farm? Or raise horses? Or live in a secluded cabin off the grid?

How you answer each of these questions can sometimes determine the most suitable part of the county for you and your family. Many areas in Carroll County can offer new residents the opportunity to do all of these things, although some will allow you to fulfill your dreams with a little less resistence than others. Typically, the areas lying west of the Kings River are more recreational in nature, often relying on tourism to survive. The town of Eureka Springs is well known for its quaint cottages and Victorian homes. Properties near Beaver Lake may boast rustic cabins or expansive contemporary dwellings with the latest modern conveniences. Due to the closer proximity to Fayetteville, Rogers, and Bentonville, the western part of Carroll County is a popular choice for vacation home builders. As a result, property can be a bit more costly than what you may find east of the Kings River. However, productive farm land in the eastern part of the county can trump even the priciest lakefront home.