Rudd, AR - Carroll County

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The South Carroll County town of Rudd was originally known as "Piney". Levi W. Johnson served as the first postmaster of the Piney Post Office when it opened on December 31, 1873. The Post Office would close and re-open several times before Dr. Absoleum M. Rudd took on the role of postmaster in 1890. On June 30, 1892, the Piney Post Office became the Rudd Post Office. The Rudd family later relocated to Springeville, Arizona. The local Rudd grocery store was later owned and operated by Jim Wilson and Jennie Belle, who also ran the post office for 25 years. The Rudd Post Office closed on January 31, 1957, when mail service was transferred to Connor, Arkansas. The community also had its own school. Other early settlers in the Rudd community included Joe and Elly Smith.

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