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The small town of Rule established its post office on July 1,1874, with Alfred S. Webb serving as its first postmaster. It was originally located on HWY 103-South. According to legend, Webb was casually glancing at an arithmetic textbook, and the word "rule" caught his eye. He submitted it to the postal service as the name for the town, and it was approved. The Rule Post Office would later operate out of the home of Vivian M. Sims, until postal service was ultimately transferred to Green Forest in 1981. An early store was opened by H.J. Griffith, who also served as the Rule postmaster for some time. The first schoolhouse in Rule was constructed across the Osage River. It was eventually replaced by a two-story school building at a location about 1/2 mile from the first. This early two-story school building was destroyed in a fire in about 1889, and a replacement building was built a year later, serving the community of Rule until consolidation in 1950.

Other early settlers of Rule included the historic Ramsey family of Carroll County.

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