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The historic settlement of Winona Springs, sometimes referred to as simply "Winona", was once a small thriving community with its own small school and church. The Winona Springs Post Office was established on October 4, 1881, with Leroy A. Cochrane serving as the first postmaster. It would run until July 31, 1905, when local mail service was absorbed by the nearby Rock House Post Office. When the June 6, 1901 edition of the Eureka Springs newspaper The Flashlight reported that a Winona Springs man by the name of C.S. Craigen had discovered a zinc vein at 30 feet on his homestead, a small amount of prospecting soon followed in the area. According to June Westphal's A Fame Not Easily Forgotten, additional reports of successful mining activity followed, but never enough to trigger an actual "boom". Located near Keel's Creek, Winona Springs was also a popular social gathering place and hosted many pie and box suppers, as well as "play parties" for the young people of Carroll County. Early homesteaders of the Winona Springs area included the historic Pinkley and Weems family.

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