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The historic town of Yocum is located off of HWY 103, north of Green Forest. It was named for an early settler by the name of John Yocum (sometimes spelled "Yokum", or "Yoachum"). John was a native of Tennesse born in 1808, and had been living as a silver miner in Missouri prior to his arrival in Carroll County. He had reportedly lived among the Delaware Indians and minted his own silver dollars as currency. These came to be known as "Yocum dollars" to those in the early Carroll County wilderness. He established his first homestead within Carroll County limits in 1831, near present day Green Forest. A few years later, he had built a 14x16 log building and the first mill on the creek that would eventually bear his name (Yocum Creek). In addition to the town and creek, the local cemetery would also be named for the pioneering Yocum family.

Prior to the naming of the town of Yocum, several other early settlers had arrived in this area, including members of the Anderson, Braswell, Looney, Stafford, Trantham, and Youngblood families. The Yocum Post Office was established on June 8, 1882, with Henry C. Hart serving as the first postmaster. At this time, the town of Yocum featured its own general stores, flour mill, and blacksmith shop, as well as a resident population of about 60 people. In 1893, Jim Rhodes and Massey would form the Yocum Roller Mills. In 1904, a cotton gin was constructed, and soon the town was enhanced by the local services of a cannery, grist mill, and cream testing business. The Yocum Post Office closed on October 31, 1907, when mail service was transferred to the post office in Green Forest. A fire broke out in the 1920's, destroying the Yocum Milling Company.

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