Farewell, AR - Carroll County

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The historic town of Farewell was established in the late 1800's when William Henry Lawrence donated land for a new school building for the budding community. In 1870, a log schoolhouse had been constructed by Augustus Callen on the deeded land. A larger school building was constructed at a later date, but a name was still needed for the new community. Legend tells of a town gathering that was organized to discuss names for the new town. Hours passed and a suitable moniker could not be agreed upon. Growing weary, Mr. William Lawrence (or possibly a relative named C.C. Lawrence) reportedly threw his hands in the air, went to leave, and gave everyone his "farewell". The name stuck. Other early settlers in the area included the historic Gofourth Family of Carroll County. The town's name was sometimes spelled as "Farwell". The historic Farewell store was a popular stop for locals and travelers alike.

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